Bag In Box ( BIB)

Bag in Box also named BIB is a type of container for the storage and transportation of liquids. It consists of a strong bladder (or plastic bag), usually made of several layers of Metalized film or other plastics such as Nylon (PA), LLDPE, EVOH, seated inside a corrugated board box. The bag is supplied to the ‘filler’ as an empty pre made bag. The ‘filler’ then generally removes the tap (Valve), fills the bag and then replaces the tap. The bags are available as singles for semi-automatic machines or as web bags, where the bags have perforations between each one.

These are used on automated filling systems where the bag is separated on line either before the bag is automatically filled or after. Depending on the end use there are a number of options that can be used on the bag instead of the tap (valve). The bags can be filled from chilled product temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius.

OLUNRO offers the Bag-In-Box from 1L to 220L with both form fit and pillow styles to meet all flexible packaging requirements.

The Bag-In-Box supplied by OLUNRO could be with the following structure:

  • Standard barrier – laminated polyethylene/nylon
  • High barrier –laminated polyethylene/EVOH/nylon
  • Metalized –polyethylene/ metalized polyester
  • Other custom films

How to choose fitment for Bag in Box (BIB)?

We offer a wide range of taps(valve), for food and industrial applications. All the fitments are produced for food contact quality and comply with FDA regulation. If you can not confirm what kind of fitment you need for the BAG IN BOX, please check and answer below questions.

  • Do you need a tamper evident fitment?
  • Are you using an aseptic filler?
  • What is your product’s viscosity?
  • How will your product be dispensed?
  • What is your current dispensing equipment?