Cast Polypropylene

The CPP film offered by OLUNRO is a co-extrusion cast polypropylene film can be used as a single film or as a lamination sealant material.

CPP films have higher gloss and transparency, higher strength, superior barrier properties. CPP films provide excellent heat seal strength property. They are generally used as a heat seal layer along with BOPP and/or Polyester films in multi-layered constructions for packing of food articles.

What are the advantages of cast polypropylene?

  • High Clarity and Gloss
  • Higher seal strength
  • Stiffer and stronger than polyethylene
  • Moderate WVTR barrier
  • Good machinability on packaging machine
  • Excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals
  • Good resistance to tears & puncture
  • Available in a variety of colors and embossed patterns
  • Low static properties

What is the structures of CPP films?

  • 3 layer co-extrusion polypropylene film
  • 1 side corona treated
  • 1 side heat sealable or double sides heat sealable

How the cast PP film makes your packaging?

  • Bread Packaging
  • Dry food packaging
  • Twist wrap, Candy/confectionery Wrap
  • Floral Wraps
  • Textiles packaging
  • Medical and Hygiene film
  • Metalized film for snack packaging
  • Retort Packaging
  • Deep Freeze application
  • Lamination films for surface protection with barrier properties

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