Stand-up Pouch is a popular packaging in most retail stores. The bottom gusset makes it available to stand up for great shelf display and 3D appearance. Available with option of round corners, Easy Peel, Zip Lock, Spout, D Punch, V notch etc. The flexible shape and light weight substantially reduce the transportation and storage cost, and minimizes the shelf space using.Wide usage in Food & Beverages Packaging, Liquid Packaging, Agro Products Packaging.

3-side Sealed Bag is one of the most economical and easy packaging options for various products. It is also known as Flat Pouch and is commonly used for packaging processed food, frozen food, dry nuts, and snacks. With a very good seal strength for vacuum packaging and heavy duty packaging.

Back Sealed Bag, also known as Pillow Bag, is another economical and easy packaging solution. Similar to 3-Side Sealed Bag, they are easily stacked up in one pile to minimize the shelf space using. Sealing at the back allows the image or content to be continuously printed from the front to the rear of the bag.

Side Gusset bag has a gusset, or fold. The gussets expand when the package is filled with product this increases the volume of the bag
Widely used in Food Packaging Industry especially for Coffee, Tea, Powder Goods.

Paper or Cotton Laminated Bag is made of ecological-friendly material with poly liners. From the appearance, paper or bio-degradable liner provides great attractive selection and barriers for environmentally conscious consumers.

The rollstock film offers an economical, easy and reliable packaging option for various products like ice cream, frozen pops, candy, cookies, noodles, and power sachets…ect.. Customized material and printing, and web size are available to suit customers’ needs.