Nylon Film (BOPA Film)

OLUNRO is one of nylon film suppliers. It offers the nylon film for packaging also named BOPA film, it is made from PA6 coming from the ring opening polymerization of caprolactam (CPL). By melting, extruding PA6 chinps,then stretching with sequential and simultaneous technology, the film is made as the BOPA (biaxially-oriented PA) film.

Why the pa nylon film is widely used?

  • Excellent tensile strength and puncture resistance.
  • Superior gas and aroma barrier (O2 、N2 、CO2 )
  • Wide temperature range for application(-20℃-120℃)
  • Excellent performance on printing and lamination
  • Favorable flexibility, anti-grind
  • High transparency and glossiness
  • Be able endure acid,alkali,grease,and various common organic solvents

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