Metallized Film

Also named vacuum metalized film,widely used in a broad spectrum of uses and industries.You can easily find the proper vacuum metallized film from OLUNRO for various label and surfacing applications.

  • Metallized Polyester film
  • Metallized Polypropylene film
  • Metallized Nylon film
  • Metallized PE film

Water Vapor Transmission Rate

General comparisons of WVTR of each basic film are as follows:

Material Thickness (μm) g/(m2.24h)40℃ Metalized
PET 12 40~45 0.3~0.5
CPP 25 10~15 1.0~1.5
OPP 20 5~7 0.8~1.2
LDPE 25 15~25 0.6
HDPE 25 10~20 0.9
BOPA 15 250~290 0.5~0.8

You are not flexible packaging convertor but still need metal film? Right place you are coming.OLUNRO can also offer the metallic transfer films,which can be used on the clothes and well as home and commercial construction industry.


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